Cascade Beetle


Summary 2

Hydraenidae is a family of very small aquatic beetles with a worldwide distribution. These beetles are generally 1-3 mm in length (although some species reach 7 mm) with clubbed antennae. They do not swim well and are generally found crawling in marginal vegetation. Most are phytophagous but a few saprophagous and predatory species are known.

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Gymnochthebius laevipennis
Gymnochthebius nitidus
Hydraena arenicola
Hydraena circulata
Hydraena undetermined
Hydraena vandykei
Limnebius piceus
Limnebius undetermined
Neochthebius vandykei
Ochthebius arenicolus
Ochthebius costipennis
Ochthebius discretus
Ochthebius gruwelli
Ochthebius interruptus
Ochthebius lineatus
Ochthebius puncticollis
Ochthebius rectus
Ochthebius sculptus

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