Soldier Beetles


Summary 4

The soldier beetles, Cantharidae, are relatively soft-bodied, straight-sided beetles, related to the Lampyridae or firefly family, but unable to produce light. They are cosmopolitan in distribution. One common British species is bright red, reminding people of the red coats of soldiers, hence the common name. A secondary common name is leatherwing, obtained from the texture of the wing covers.

SoCal Status 5

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Cantharis sierrae
Chauliognathus fasciatus
Cultellunguis americanus
Cultellunguis hatchi dorothyae
Cultellunguis ingenuus
Cultellunguis ochropus
Cultellunguis perpallens
Cyrtomoptera divisa latiuscula
Ditemnus obtusa
Frostia laticollis
Malthodes appendiculatus
Malthodes blackwelderi
Malthodes complicatus
Malthodes fracidus
Malthodes fusculus
Malthodes immodestus
Malthodes sanbernardensis
Pacificanthia consors
Podabrus californicus
Podabrus lutosus
Podabrus pruinosus
Podabrus tejonicus
Podabrus vandykei
Podabrus youngi
Podistra sanbernardensis
Polemius languidus
Silis alexanderi
Silis cava
Silis crucialis
Silis fenestrata
Silis filigera
Silis greeni
Silis latestyla
Silis spinigera
Silis spinigerula

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