Pleasing Fungus Beetles


Summary 2

Erotylidae, or the pleasing fungus beetles, is a family of beetles containing over 100 genera. In the present circumscription, it includes the subfamilies Dacninae, Encaustinae, Erotylinae, Megalodacninae, and Tritominae. In other words, the narrowly-circumscribed Erotylidae correspond to the subfamily Erotylinae in the definition sensu lato. They feed on plant and fungal matter; some are important pollinators (e.g. of the ancient cycads), while a few have gained notoriety as pests of some significance. Sometimes, useful and harmful...

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Cryptophilus integer
Cypherotylus californicus
Dacne californica
Dacne pubescens
Languria californica
Languria convexicollis
Pseudischyrus extricatus
Triplax californica

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