Ironclad Beetles


Summary 3

Zopheridae is a family of beetles that has grown considerably in recent years as the members of two other families have been included within its circumscription; these former families are the Monommatidae and the Colydiidae, which are now both included in the Zopheridae as subfamilies or (in the former case) even as tribe of subfamily Zopherinae. Some authors accept up to 6 subfamilies here, while others merge all except the Colydiinae into the Zopherinae.

SoCal Status 4

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Aulonium longum
Bitoma gracilis
Bitoma ornata
Bitoma sulcata
Coxelus serratus
Hyporhagus gilensis
Lasconotus laqueatus
Lasconotus linearis
Lasconotus nucleatus
Lasconotus pertenuis
Lasconotus servus
Lasconotus tuberculatus
Megataphrus tenuicornis
Microsicus variegatus
Phellopsis porcata
Phloeodes diabolicus
Phloeodes plicatus
Phloeonemus catenulatus
Rhagodera interrupta
Rhagodera tuberculata
Zopherus granicollis
Zopherus tristis

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