Ant-like Flower Beetles


Summary 2

The Anthicidae are a family of beetles that resemble ants. They are sometimes called ant-like flower beetles or ant-like beetles. The family comprises over 3,000 species in about 100 genera.

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Amblyderus obesus
Amblyderus parviceps
Anthicus ancilla
Anthicus barbatus
Anthicus bellulus
Anthicus biguttulus
Anthicus cervinus
Anthicus cribratus
Anthicus ephippium
Anthicus horridus
Anthicus lecontei
Anthicus lutulentus
Anthicus maritimus
Anthicus militaris
Anthicus nanus
Anthicus praeceps
Anthicus punctulatus
Anthicus rufulus
Anthicus sonoranus
Baulius tenuis
Cyclodinus annectens
Cyclodinus franciscanus
Cyclodinus mono
Cyclodinus mundulus
Cyclodinus paiute
Formicilla munda
Ischyropalpus bipartitus
Ischyropalpus cochisei
Ischyropalpus nitidulus
Ischyropalpus pinalicus
Ischyropalpus turgidicollis
Leptanthicus staphyliniformis
Leptoremus argenteus
Mecynotarsus delicatulus
Notoxus blaisdelli
Notoxus calcaratus
Notoxus cavicornis
Notoxus conformis
Notoxus denudatus
Notoxus desertus
Notoxus falli
Notoxus fenyesi
Notoxus hageni
Notoxus intermedius
Notoxus lustrellus
Notoxus robustus
Notoxus rossi
Notoxus serratus
Notoxus sparsus
Notoxus spatulifer
Notoxus youngi
Omonadus floralis
Omonadus formicarius
Retocomus constrictus
Sapintus corticalis
Stereopalpus guttatus
Stereopalpus pruinosus
Stricticollis tobias
Tanarthrus alutaceus
Tanarthrus andrewsi
Tanarthrus coruscus
Tanarthrus inhabilis
Tanarthrus occidentalis
Tanarthrus salinus
Tanarthrus tartarus
Vacusus confinus
Vacusus infernus

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