Leaf Rolling Weevils


Summary 5

The Attelabidae is a widespread family of weevils. They are among the primitive weevils, because of their straight antennae, which are inserted near the base of the rostrum. The prothorax is much narrower than the base of the elytra on the abdomen. Attelabidae and the related family Rhynchitidae are known commonly as the leaf-rolling weevils. Rhynchitidae may be treated as subfamily Rhychitinae of the Attelabidae.

SoCal Status 6

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Auletobius nasalis
Auletobius rufipennis
Deporaus glastinus
Haplorhynchites aeneus
Haplorhynchites planifrons
Merhynchites bicolor
Merhynchites wickhami
Rhynchites velatus
Temnocerus aeratoides
Temnocerus aureus
Temnocerus insularis
Temnocerus levirostris
Temnocerus naso

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