Orchid Snail

Zonitoides arboreus

Summary 3

Zonitoides arboreus is species of small air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Gastrodontidae.

Distribution 4

occurs (regularly, as a native taxon) in multiple nations

Habitat 5

Habitat Type: Terrestrial

Number of occurrences 6

Note: For many non-migratory species, occurrences are roughly equivalent to populations.

Estimated Number of Occurrences: > 300

Comments: Forsyth (2005) documented it in the Upper Fraser Basin of central British Columbia where it is widespread and common. Forsyth (2005) also documented it in British Columbia in the Peace River- Northern Rockies region where it was frequently encountered throughout. In Alberta, it is distributed in the Cypress Hills, south west of Calgary, north to Banff, Red Deer, Jasper, Edmonton, Slave Lake, Fairview, and Fort Smith (Lepitzki, 2001). Most recently, it was discovered in the Ktunaxa Traditional Territory in southeastern British Columbia (which extends from near Canada - U.S. border north to about 50 km north of Cranbrook) (Ovaska and Sopuck, 2009). It occurs in eastern Maine (35 of 101 sites) throughout the study area where it was principally restricted to upland and mesic forest sites (Nekola, 2008). In New York, Hotopp and Pearce (2007) report it from nearly every county statewide. Waggoner et al. (2006) found this species in abundance in surveys of the Sipsey Wilderness Area, Bankhead National Forest, northwest Alabama. Lee (2006) documented it from northwest of Claiborne, Monroe Co., Alabama in 2006. Lewis (2005) includes cave occurrences in Tennessee in Baker Annex Cave in Cumberland Co. and Caney Hollow Cave and Keith Cave in Franklin Co. It is scattered across Kentucky and likely occurs in every county (Dourson and Feeman, 2006; Hubricht, 1985). It was recently documented in 2 of 82 soil samples and 6 area spot searches of Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota, in 2002 (Anderson, 2005). In Texas, Neck (1990) found it in the Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Randall Co.

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