Scavenger Water Beetles


Summary 2

Hydrophilidae, also called water scavenger beetles, is a family of chiefly aquatic beetles. Aquatic hydrophilids are notable for their long maxillary palpi, which are longer than their antennae. Several of the former subfamilies of Hydrophilidae have recently been removed and elevated to family rank; Epimetopidae, Georissidae (= Georyssinae), Helophoridae, Hydrochidae, and Spercheidae (= Sphaeridiinae). Some of these formerly-included groups are primarily terrestrial or semi-aquatic.

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Agna capillata
Ametor scabrosus
Anacaena limbata
Anacaena lutescens
Anacaena signaticollis
Berosus fraternus
Berosus hatchi
Berosus infuscatus
Berosus maculosus
Berosus metalliceps
Berosus miles
Berosus peregrinus
Berosus punctatissimus
Berosus rugulosus
Berosus stylifera
Cercyon atricapillus
Cercyon fimbriatus
Cercyon haemorrhoidalis
Cercyon kulzeri
Cercyon lateralis
Cercyon luniger
Cercyon nevadanus
Cercyon pygmaeus
Cercyon quisquilius
Cercyon spathifer
Cercyon terminatus
Chaetarthria bicolor
Chaetarthria hespera
Chaetarthria magna
Chaetarthria nigrella
Chaetarthria ochra
Chaetarthria pallida
Chaetarthria punctulata
Chaetarthria pusilla
Crenitis dissimilis
Cryptopleurum subtile
Cymbiodyta columbiana
Cymbiodyta dorsalis
Cymbiodyta imbellis
Cymbiodyta pacifica
Cymbiodyta puella
Cymbiodyta punctatostriata
Dactylosternum abdominale
Dactylosternum cacti
Enochrus californicus
Enochrus carinatus
Enochrus conjunctus
Enochrus cristatus
Enochrus cuspidatus
Enochrus diffusus
Enochrus hamiltoni
Enochrus ochraceus
Enochrus perplexus
Enochrus piceus
Enochrus piceus piceus
Enochrus pygmaeus
Enochrus pygmaeus pectoralis
Georissus californicus
Helochares normatus
Helophorus californicus
Helophorus lecontei
Helophorus linearis
Helophorus undetermined
Hydrobius fuscipes
Hydrochara lineata
Hydrochus undetermined
Hydrochus vagus
Hydrochus variolatus
Hydrophilus triangularis
Laccobius californicus
Laccobius carri
Laccobius ellipticus
Megasternum posticatum
Oosternum sharpi
Paracymus communis
Paracymus elegans
Paracymus subcupreus
Sphaeridium bipustulatum
Sphaeridium lunatum
Sphaeridium scarabaeoides
Tropisternus californicus
Tropisternus ellipticus
Tropisternus lateralis
Tropisternus quadristriatus
Tropisternus salsamentus
Tropisternus sublaevis

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