Rainbow Nudibranch

Dendronotus iris

Description 5

Dendronotus iris can grow to about 30 cm but is usually about 10 cm. The colour of this species is highly variable. It can range from translucent white or gray, to orange or red. It can also have white spots or scattered brownish patches. Distinctive features include the stalk of the rhinophore sheath having a vertical row of three to six small branched processes on its posterior side, and the foot being edged in white, although this may be partially absent in some specimens. The oral veil has four paired processes. The branching gills may be tipped with white, orange, yellow, or purple.

Look alikes 6

How to Distinguish from Similar Species:D. albopunctatus has a large, wide oral veil and yellowish white spots. Other Dendronotus, such as D. diversicolor, have no row of bushy projections along the posterior border of the rhinophore stalk.

Habitat 7

Depth Range: Mostly subtidal, down to 200 m. Sometimes seen on the surface over deep water, or in eelgrass flats.

Habitat: Mostly benthic on soft bottoms.

Distribution 5

This animal can be found along the west coast of North America from Alaska to Baja California.

Diet 5

This species feeds on the burrowing anemonePachycerianthus fimbriatus.

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Color pink, purple, white