Ancula lentiginosa

Summary 3

Ancula lentiginosa is a species of sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Goniodorididae.

Description 3

This goniodorid nudibranch is translucent white in colour with brown patches or stripes composed of small brown spots interspersed with white pigment. The pre-rhinophoral papillae, rhinophore clubs and gills are similarly mottled with brown and there is a line of brown spots along the ridge of the tail. There are two extra-branchial papillae which are translucent white with a band of brown spots below the tip.

Ecology 3

Ancula lentiginosa feeds on Barentsia sp., Entoprocta which often grow on hydroids, bryozoa and other living substrata.

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