Gulf Coast Smooth Softshell

Apalone mutica calvata

Distribution 6

Smooth softshell turtles are native to temperate areas of North America, ranging throughout the central and south-central United States. Their range extends from Pennsylvania to New Mexico and south to the Florida panhandle. This species is thought to have been extirpated from Pennsylvania. Smooth softshell turtles are believed to have occurred in North America since the Cretaceous Period, although this is not yet supported by fossil evidence. Smooth softshell turtles have also been introduced to France.

Two subspecies of smooth softshell turtles have been identified. Midland smooth softshells, Apalone mutica mutica, are found throughout the central United States, while Gulf coast smooth softshells, Apalone mutica calvata, range from Louisiana to the panhandle of Florida.

Biogeographic Regions: nearctic (Native ); palearctic (Introduced )

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