Hutton's Vireo

Vireo huttoni

Summary 2

Hutton's Vireo (Vireo huttoni) is a small songbird dull olive-gray above and below. It has a faint white eye ring and faint white wing bars. There are no differences between males and females.

To hear sounds of Hutton's Vireo:

Similar species:Ruby-crowned Kinglet , but has a thinner bill, bolder eye ring and is slightly smaller in size.

Where on Campus? 3

Hutton's vireos can be found along the campus edges in the oaks and conifers. In winter, they are commonly seen in the conifers around parking lot 8.

Habitat 3

Evergreen forests, especially those with coast live oaks.

Life History 3

Nesting Hutton's vireos build small open cup nests from vegetation and lichens in the forks of tree branches.

Feeding Hutton's vireos are gleaners and mostly eat insects, though they have been observed eating berries and plant galls.

Distribution 4

Southwestern British Columbia south through western Washington, western Oregon and western California to northwestern Baja California; southern Baja California; and from central Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and extreme western Texas south through highlands of Mexico to western Guatemala.

Migration 3

Hutton's vireos are residents.

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