Helianthus annuus

Sunflower 3

The common Sunflower is known for its bright yellow flowers, brown disk in the center (that produces seeds), coarse stem and fury leaves. The flower looks big, but is really hundreds of tiny flowers. The common sunflower can grow up to 10ft tall. The flower blooms in spring. The sunflower always points to the sun. A single sunflower can as many produce as many as a 1000 seeds.

The Sunflower is commonly found in Kansas but is a native plant to the Rio Grande Bosque. It grows best in places where the soil is disturbed but does not compete well with grass.

The Sunflower helps control erosion. The edible parts of the Sunflower are the seeds and the petals and are eaten by birds, squirrels and people. The sunflower can be used in vegetable oil, cosmetics, paint, and soap.

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