Painted Batagur

Batagur borneoensis

Summary 4

The painted terrapin, painted batagur, or saw-jawed turtle (Batagur borneoensis) is a species of turtles in the Geoemydidae family. It was formerly in its own genus, Callagur, but has been reclassified to the genus, Batagur.

Diagnosis 5

The painted terrapin is an aquatic estuarine turtle and one of the most endangered river turtles in South East Asia [1]. Adults show marked sexual dimorphism, with females being larger than males, and both sexes have webbed feet [2] juveniles are grey all over whilst adults have a more grey/brown carapace [2]. During the breeding season the head of the male turns white and a red stripe appears between his eyes [2], these colours have a 'painted' appearance, which explains the common name.[3]

Conservation 5

Conservation efforts in Sumatra, Indonesia, are ongoing to increase wild populations by carrying out nesting patrols to secure and hatch the eggs, for later release into original habitats.[4]

In Malaysia, the Painted Terrapin is protected through the WWF's Hawksbill Turtle and Painted Terrapin conservation project. The project aims establish the protection and effective management of critical nesting habitats of Painted Terrapins and their key habitats, through measures that are scientifically based and socially acceptable, and that can be sustained in the long term by government, the local community and other stakeholders.[5]

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