Rio Grande Cottonwood


Cottonwood Tree 2

Cottonwood Tree
Scientific name: populus wislizeni
Alternate names: Narrowleaf, Alamo, or Guerigo.
Habitat: wet soils along streams or near lakes in deserts, grasslands and woodlands.
Elevation: up to 6500 feet.
Height: 40-80 feet.
Range: This tree can be found along the Rio Grande to southern Colorado and in the San Juan basin in northwest New Mexico and southwest Colorado.
Water requirements: moderate-high. It must be watered weekly if the roots cannot access the water table.
Fun facts:
• Easily propagated from cuttings
• Trunk diameter usually about 2-5 feet
• Keystone species
• Has been in New Mexico for over 2 million years
• Can be fatal if their roots hit an air pocket

Resources: Wikipedia, www.gardening
By: Lilianna Kennedy (8th grade) & Penelo Accilien (2nd grade)
Chinook Spirit Children’s Academy

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