prickly sowthistle

Sonchus asper

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Sonchus asper, the prickly sow-thistle, rough milk thistle, spiny sowthistle, sharp-fringed sow thistle, or spiny-leaved sow thistle, is a widespread plant in the dandelion tribe within the daisy family.

Spiny Sowthistle 3

The Sonchus Asper, also known as the Spiny Sowthistle, is a plant that looks like a flower because it has spiny spikes on its leaves and stem. The Sonchus Asper does have medicinal benefits. It helps with headaches and infections. You can also eat the leaves of the Sonchus Asper on a sandwich or something. The Sonchus Asper likes to grow mostly in deserts which mean it doesn't really need good soil or to much water to survive. Animals don't really like to eat it because its spiny leaves protect it from predators.

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