Adonis Blazingstar

Mentzelia multiflora

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Mentzelia is a genus of about 60-70 species of flowering plants in the family Loasaceae, native to the Americas. The genus comprises annual, biennial, and perennial herbaceous plants and a few shrubs.

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Adonis Blazingstar, or M. multiflora, is the most common member of this genus in the Bosque.

The plant Liatris pycnostachya is also commonly known as Blazing Star. Blazing Star grows in the Northern part of California it also grows in other Eastern & Northern and Southern parts of the US. Blazing Star is a plant that is not edible but it is used for medical treatment for back pain or rib pain, and it is also used for kidney disorders. The best habitat for Blazing Star is with full sun or part sun, well drained soil/clay soil, 1 inch of water every day for every weak. Blazing Star is also a food for animals like rabbits, groundhog, deer, livestock, prairie vole, and meadow vole. If you want to know how this plant looks like well it looks like a stick with purple or light purple or white plumes. If you want to find more about this plant visit these websites.

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