skunkbush sumac

Rhus aromatica simplicifolia

Skunkbush Sumac 2

The skunkbush sumac is also called Rhus trilobata. The class is magnoliopsida- dicotyledons, the order sapindales, the family is anacardiaceae - sumac family, the genus rhus -sumac and the species is rhus trilobata NNTT -skunkbush sumac. Also the scientific name is Rhus Trilobata. The classification determines that the skunkbush sumac is in the Sumac family. The skunkbush sumac plant is a berry plant with red berries. This plant grows in Texas and the United States. The skunkbush sumac has red berries that look edible and toxic at the same time. People use the skunkbush sumac for salads.

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