rough cocklebur

Xanthium strumarium

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Xanthium strumarium (rough cocklebur, clotbur, common cocklebur, large cocklebur, woolgarie bur) is a species of annual plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. It probably originates in North America and has been extensively naturalized elsewhere.

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Rough Cocklebur also known as xanthium strumarium is invasive to the bosque. Its phylum is Asteridae, its class is magnoliophyta, its order is asterales, its family is asteraceae, its genus is xanthium L, its species is Xanthium Strumarium. It is a flowering plant. This plant grows in all of the U.S. and parts of Canada. It is green and yellow and has circular flowers. It's not edible but does have medicinal properties such as improving appetite. It does not have any other uses. Its favorite habitat is beach and dune habitats. No animals should eat this plant. What’s interesting about this plant is that it is deadly.

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