Chihuahuan Nightsnake

Hypsiglena jani

Summary 5

Hypsiglena jani, commonly known as the Texas night snake, is a species of small colubrid native to the southwestern United States and northeastern Mexico.

Description 6

H. jani grows from 10 to 16 inches (25 to 41 centimetres) in total length (including tail), record 20 inches (51 cm). It is typically a light gray or tan in color, with dark brown or dark gray blotching down the back, and has an unmarked underside. It has smooth dorsal scales. The eye has a vertically elliptical pupil. H. jani is rear-fanged, and is considered to be venomous, though it is not dangerous to humans.

Habitat 6

H. jani prefers semi-arid habitats with rocky soils.

Geographic range 6

H. jani ranges from southern Kansas to southern Colorado, and south throughout New Mexico, the western half of Texas to central Mexico.

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