NPS National Capital Region True Flies

A list of the true flies that have been observed in the National Parks of the National Capital Region. This includes parks like Catoctin Mountain Park, Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, Prince William Forest Park, Manassas National Battlefield Park, and Wolf Trap National Park for the ...more ↓

Saltmarsh Mosquito 1
Aedes sollicitans
Greater Bee Fly 2
Bombylius major
Blue Bottlefly 3
Calliphora vicina
Biting Midges 4
Deer Fly 5
Chrysops callidus
Deer Fly
Chrysops montanus
Common House Mosquito 6
Culex pipiens
Seedcorn Maggot 7
Delia platura
Picture-winged Fly 8
Delphinia picta
Common Fruit Fly 9
Drosophila melanogaster
Horn Fly 10
Haematobia irritans
Black Soldier Fly 3
Hermetia illucens
Common Greenbottle Fly 11
Lucilia caesar
Hessian Fly 12
Mayetiola destructor
Sheep Ked 13
Melophagus ovinus
Narcissus Bulb Fly 14
Merodon equestris
Virginia Flower Fly 15
Milesia virginiensis
House Fly 16
Musca domestica
Sheep Bot Fly 17
Oestrus ovis
Bathroom Fly 18
Psychoda alternata
Apple Maggot 19
Rhagoletis pomonella
Striped Black Fly
Simulium vittatum
Stable Fly 3
Stomoxys calcitrans
Black Horsefly 20
Tabanus atratus
Giant Crane Fly 21
Tipula abdominalis
Crane Fly 22
Tipula trivittata

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