Common Wildlife of Wassumkeag Island (Sears Island)

This is an ongoing list of the types of wildlife found on Wassumkeag (Sears) Island. It is based on reported observations. There are many other animal species on Sears Island, however, that have not been seen so are not included in this list. The list does not include most aquatic or tidal ...more ↓

240px common seal (js) 7
Harbor Seal 1
Phoca vitulina
2171251244 87e335655a m
Northeastern coyote 2
Canis latrans thamnos
3942163237 6d7453ae3e m
American Red Squirrel 3
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
2729562910 c2d626d430 m
Common Raccoon 4
Procyon lotor
751501000 16bdd8f809 m
White-tailed Deer 5
Odocoileus virginianus
2753273158 e45c3c7069 m
Common Porcupine 6
Erethizon dorsatum
3640282100 cbdf66520a m
Common Garter Snake 7
Thamnophis sirtalis
5692045138 58fcd5c4a4 m
Spring Peeper 8
Pseudacris crucifer
4441839339 c6b295cae1 m
Yellow-Spotted Salamander 8
Ambystoma maculatum
195355158 b389e110d8 m
Wood Frog 9
Lithobates sylvaticus
3285660997 cc2e78dd18 m
Eastern Chipmunk 3
Tamias striatus
1916162087 5cbc6bb42b m
Eastern Gray Squirrel 10
Sciurus carolinensis
3698266138 f95f1b17b6 m
Ribbon Snake 11
Thamnophis sauritus
3908605766 f9786d3ffc m
Smooth Greensnake 12
Opheodrys vernalis
1573176627 ccebe4e438 m
Moose 13
Alces americanus
2065325441 c50ef41d82 m
American Toad 14
Anaxyrus americanus
8775450850 a3d555eb33 m
Deer Mouse 15
Peromyscus maniculatus
431445262 392c88d98d m
American Mink 16
Neovison vison
3225052660 a781f21e48 m
Striped Skunk 17
Mephitis mephitis
1916162087 5cbc6bb42b m
Eastern Gray Squirrel 10
Sciurus carolinensis
280224847 55e183a998 m
Eastern Cottontail 18
Sylvilagus floridanus

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