4215 thumb Amphibians of the WAP complex

A guide to the amphibians of the WAP complex based upon Nago et al. 2006 (www.arccona.de/download/Nago_et_al._2006.pdf) and iNat records from the area

Long Reed Frog 2
Hyperolius nasutus
Savanna Banana Frog
Afrixalus vittiger
Weidholz's Banana Frog 4
Afrixalus weidholzi
Silver Running Frog
Kassina cassinoides
Brown Running Frog 1
Kassina fusca
Senegal Kassina 5
Kassina senegalensis
Shovel-nosed frog
Hemisus marmoratus
Savannah Forest Tree Frog 6
Leptopelis bufonides
Rusty Forest Tree Frog 7
Leptopelis viridis
West African Rubber Frog 8
Phrynomantis microps
Muller's Platanna 9
Xenopus muelleri
Galam white-lipped frog
Amnirana galamensis
Crowned bullfrog 2
Hoplobatrachus occipitalis
Edible bullfrog 10
Pyxicephalus edulis
Broad-banded Grass Frog 11
Ptychadena bibroni
Sharp-nosed ridged frog
Ptychadena oxyrhynchus
Schilluk ridged frog
Ptychadena schillukorum
Central Grassland Frog
Ptychadena tellinii
Chabanaud's River Frog
Phrynobatrachus gutturosus
Ahl's River Frog 11
Phrynobatrachus latifrons
Natal puddle frog 13
Phrynobatrachus natalensis

Edited by Marco Schmidt and Jakob Fahr, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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