Organisms of East Gaston High School - NC Wildlife

This field guide has been created to help students in the EGHS NC Wildlife class identify local species.

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Spotted Wintergreen 1
Chimaphila maculata
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fan clubmoss 1
Diphasiastrum digitatum
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Bloodroot 2
Sanguinaria canadensis
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purple passionflower 3
Passiflora incarnata
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Carolina Horse-nettle 4
Solanum carolinense
Queen Anne's Lace 5
Daucus carota
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Red-shouldered Hawk 6
Buteo lineatus
American Crow 7
Corvus brachyrhynchos
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European Starling 8
Sturnus vulgaris
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Eastern Bluebird 9
Sialia sialis
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Northern Cardinal 10
Cardinalis cardinalis
Northern Mockingbird 11
Mimus polyglottos
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Red-bellied Woodpecker 12
Melanerpes carolinus
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Brown-headed Nuthatch 13
Sitta pusilla
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Chipping Sparrow 14
Spizella passerina
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Slate-colored Junco 15
Junco hyemalis hyemalis
Black Vulture 16
Coragyps atratus
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American Robin 17
Turdus migratorius
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Carolina Chickadee 18
Poecile carolinensis
Eastern Gray Squirrel 19
Sciurus carolinensis
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White-tailed Deer 20
Odocoileus virginianus
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Common Raccoon 21
Procyon lotor
2644943042 199fa375f0 m
Northern Slimy Salamander 22
Plethodon glutinosus
Dusky Salamander 23
Desmognathus fuscus
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Northern Cricket Frog 24
Acris crepitans
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Upland Chorus Frog 9
Pseudacris feriarum
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Carolina Wren 25
Thryothorus ludovicianus
3070052982 fc77b55b1c m
Turkey Vulture 26
Cathartes aura
Clover 28
Vetches 29
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Henbit Deadnettle 30
Lamium amplexicaule
Purple Deadnettle 31
Lamium purpureum purpureum
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Eastern Box Turtle 32
Terrapene carolina carolina

Edited by Brian Johnson, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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