5084 thumb Common Trees of Alaska

"Alaska spans a cast array of ecosystems from open, wind-swept tundra bordering the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea, through expansive boreal forests of the Interior to impressive temperate rain forests along the Pacific Coast.

Tree composition changes with the prevailing climate across the ...more ↓

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western hemlock 1
Tsuga heterophylla
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mountain hemlock 2
Tsuga mertensiana
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Sitka Spruce 3
Picea sitchensis
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Western Redcedar 4
Thuja plicata
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Black Spruce 5
Picea mariana
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Nootka cypress 6
Cupressus nootkatensis
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white spruce 7
Picea glauca
shore pine
Pinus contorta contorta
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Tamarack 8
Larix laricina
Alaska Paper Birch 9
Betula neoalaskana
nominate Balsam Poplar 10
Populus balsamifera balsamifera
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trembling aspen 11
Populus tremuloides
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red alder 12
Alnus rubra
Scouler's willow
Salix scouleriana

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