5695 thumb Fish of Hartford County, CT

This guide serves as a reference for freshwater and riparian fish species indigenous to Hartford County, Connecticut. The species on this list have been verified either by iNaturalist users or Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

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Walleye 1
Sander vitreus
240px smallmouth bass
Smallmouth Bass 2
Micropterus dolomieu
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Largemouth Bass 1
Micropterus salmoides
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Pumpkinseed Sunfish 3
Lepomis gibbosus
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Bluegill 4
Lepomis macrochirus
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Rock Bass 1
Ambloplites rupestris
240px striped bass morone saxatilis fish
Striped Bass 5
Morone saxatilis
240px american eel
American Eel 6
Anguilla rostrata
240px brown trout fws white background
Brown Trout 7
Salmo trutta
240px brook trout
Brook Trout 8
Salvelinus fontinalis
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Channel Catfish 1
Ictalurus punctatus
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Carp 4
Cyprinus carpio
240px catostomus commersoni
White Sucker 6
Catostomus commersonii
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American Pickerel 1
Esox americanus
240px esox lucius1
Northern Pike 9
Esox lucius
240px petromyzon marinus
Atlantic Sea Lamprey 6
Petromyzon marinus

Edited by Bobby McCabe, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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