6119 thumb Protected animals of the Isle of Man

Animal species (excluding birds) protected by law on and around the Isle of Man by listing on Schedule 5 of the Wildlife Act 1990.

For the full legislative text see:

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Horseshoe Bats 1
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Vesper Bats 2
Speckled Bush-cricket 3
Leptophyes punctatissima
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Heath Beefly 4
Bombylius minor
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Dark Bush-cricket 5
Pholidoptera griseoaptera
European Common Frog 6
Rana temporaria
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Lesser Mottled Grasshopper 7
Stenobothrus stigmaticus
Viviparous Lizard 6
Zootoca vivipara
Hadena caesia
Scarce Crimson and Gold
Pyrausta sanguinalis
Pinnipeds 8
33318 260 190
Basking Shark 9
Cetorhinus maximus

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