6669 thumb Frogs of East Gippsland Victoria Australia

A guide to the 29 species of frogs known to occur in East Gippsland, the far eastern corner of the state of Victoria. I based this list on the Australian Government Biodiversity Report for the NRM East Gippsland region, available online, with corroboration from Frogs.org.au and ...more ↓

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Common Eastern Froglet 1
Crinia signifera
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Blue Mountains Tree Frog 3
Ranoidea citropa
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Jervis Bay Tree Frog 4
Litoria jervisiensis
Lesueur's Frog 5
Ranoidea lesueurii
240px litoria littlejohni
Heath Frog 6
Litoria littlejohni
Ewing's Tree Frog 7
Litoria ewingii
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Narrow Fringed Frog 8
Ranoidea nudidigita
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Peron's Tree Frog 3
Litoria peronii
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Leaf Green Tree Frog 3
Ranoidea phyllochroa
Southern Bell Frog 9
Ranoidea raniformis
240px litoria spenceri01
Spotted Tree Frog 10
Ranoidea spenceri
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Tyler's Tree Frog 1
Litoria tyleri
Verreaux's Tree Frog
Litoria verreauxii
240px southern smooth froglet (geocrinia laevis) (8743396751)
Southern Smooth Froglet 11
Geocrinia laevis
Eastern Smooth Frog
Geocrinia victoriana
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Giant Burrowing Frog 2
Heleioporus australiacus
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Pobblebonk 12
Limnodynastes dumerilii
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Striped Marsh Frog 3
Limnodynastes peronii
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Spotted Grass Frog 12
Limnodynastes tasmaniensis
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Stuttering Frog 3
Mixophyes balbus
Painted Burrowing Frog
Neobatrachus pictus
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Haswell's Froglet 3
Paracrinia haswelli
Brown Toadlet 13
Pseudophryne bibronii
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Smooth Toadlet 3
Uperoleia laevigata
Martinas Toadlet
Uperoleia martini
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Tyleras Toadlet 11
Uperoleia tyleri

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