Selected Aquatic Insects of Oregon

Trout Unlimited and the River’s Calendar Project are initiating a pilot program in Oregon to track emergence dates of selected aquatic insects to assess if emergence periods are changing over time, possibly as a result of climate changes. The purpose of this field guide is to provide a ...more ↓

Pale Morning Dun 1
Ephemerella excrucians
Speckle-winged quill 1
Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni
Western March Brown 2
Rhithrogena morrisoni
Western Green Drake 1
Drunella doddsii
Western Green Drake 1
Drunella grandis
Black Drake 1
Siphlonurus occidentalis
Hex 3
Hexagenia limbata
Salmonfly 1
Pteronarcys californica
Golden Stone 1
Hesperoperla pacifica
Golden Stone 1
Calineuria californica
Short-winged Golden Stone 1
Claassenia sabulosa
Brown Willow Stonefly 1
Skwala americana
McKenzie Caddis 1
Arctopsyche grandis
American Grannom 2
Brachycentrus americanus
October Caddis 1

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