Freshwater Mussels of the Milwaukee River Basin

This guide is meant to help individuals identify the major species of freshwater mussels that are present in the Milwaukee River Basin. Species were chosen to be included in this guide based off of data collected from a study completed in 2017 by Milwaukee Riverkeeper. Other species ...more ↓

Flutedshell 1
Lasmigona costata
White Heelsplitter 1
Lasmigona complanata
Giant Floater 1
Pyganodon grandis
Elktoe 1
Alasmidonta marginata
Plain Pocketbook 1
Lampsilis cardium
Creeper 2
Strophitus undulatus
Lilliput 1
Toxolasma parvum
Slippershell Mussel 1
Alasmidonta viridis
Ellipse 1
Venustaconcha ellipsiformis
Wabash Pigtoe 1
Fusconaia flava
Cylindrical Papershell 1
Anodontoides ferussacianus
Spike 1
Elliptio dilatata
Fatmucket 1
Lampsilis siliquoidea

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