7066 thumb Waterways of BC's Central Coast (a MLNEP guide)

A major objective of the Marine Life of the Northeast Pacific (MLNEP) project is to support the accuracy and consistency of taxonomic identification in images, as well as to promote collaboration among stake-holders working within this region (project page: ...more ↓

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Yelloweye rockfish 1
Sebastes ruberrimus
Blackspotted/Rougheye Rockfish 2
Sebastes aleutianus
240px sebastolobus alascanus
Shortspine Thornyhead 3
Sebastolobus alascanus
39375 260 190
Bocaccio 4
Sebastes paucispinis
240px clupea pallasii by opencage
Pacific herring 5
Clupea pallasii
Basket star 6
Quillback Rockfish 7
Sebastes maliger
240px heteromycteris japonica by opencage
Flatfishes 5
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Pacific Halibut 8
Hippoglossus stenolepis
06809 260 190
Sea Stars 9
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Brittle Stars 10
25830 orig
Sea Cucumbers 11
240px woda 3 ubt
Sea Urchins 5
Squat lobster 12
Munida quadrispina
50372 260 190
Sea anemones 13
Stomphia coccinea
Glass sponges 14
Aphrocallistes vastus
Stony coral (cup coral) 11
Balanophyllia elegans
240px antipathes dendrochristos, cort%c3%a9s banks
Black corals 15
42206 orig
Eulachon 21
Thaleichthys pacificus
240px sablefish resting on sediment
Sablefish 15
Anoplopoma fimbria

Edited by Dr Cherisse Du Preez, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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