Mattole School Scavenger Hunt-Style Bioblitz May 2018

Ten of these species are the answers to the the ten station clues. But don't forget to collect other plants and creatures for more points at each station!

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lady fern 1
Athyrium filix-femina
Redwood Violet 2
Viola sempervirens
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western sword fern 3
Polystichum munitum
common bracken 4
Pteridium aquilinum
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coast redwood 5
Sequoia sempervirens
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Monterey pine 6
Pinus radiata
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common Douglas-fir 7
Pseudotsuga menziesii
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thimbleberry 8
Rubus parviflorus
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Pacific rhododendron 9
Rhododendron macrophyllum
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Evergreen Huckleberry 10
Vaccinium ovatum
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Pacific poison oak 11
Toxicodendron diversilobum
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bigleaf maple 12
Acer macrophyllum

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