Dragonflies and damselflies of GSMNP

This guide is a work in progress and will include all of the Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) known to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as reported by the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) being carried out there by Discover Life in America (DLIA).

Bar-winged Skimmer 1
Libellula axilena
5895572296 af1ff99d4a m
Spangled Skimmer 2
Libellula cyanea
7316713682 f4913482ff m
Yellow-sided Skimmer 3
Libellula flavida
Slaty Skimmer 4
Libellula incesta
617981485 02a4e0f0de m
Widow Skimmer 5
Libellula luctuosa
7220883100 2ccc359209 m
Twelve-spotted Skimmer 6
Libellula pulchella
4963313019 a907653407 m
Painted Skimmer 7
Libellula semifasciata
3697453529 45b4b7a77b m
Great Blue Skimmer 8
Libellula vibrans
2668968240 3deb075b5e m
Halloween Pennant 9
Celithemis eponina
3664001050 7b99aa244a m
Banded Pennant 10
Celithemis fasciata
6140135720 4702e7f0a9 m
Blue-faced Meadowhawk 10
Sympetrum ambiguum
2742258178 5d1179ac9b m
Ruby Meadowhawk 11
Sympetrum rubicundulum
4943278606 67da5001c2 m
Band-winged Meadowhawk 12
Sympetrum semicinctum
Autumn Meadowhawk 13
Sympetrum vicinum
Wandering Glider 14
Pantala flavescens
Spot-winged Glider 15
Pantala hymenaea
6129984862 969a4991d5 m
Carolina Saddlebags 10
Tramea carolina
Black Saddlebags 1
Tramea lacerata
Eastern Pondhawk 16
Erythemis simplicicollis
Blue Corporal 17
Ladona deplanata
Blue Dasher 14
Pachydiplax longipennis
3603835178 d5f85acd0e m
Eastern Amberwing 18
Perithemis tenera
Common Whitetail 19
Plathemis lydia
4712648493 857e64df48 m
Swift Setwing 9
Dythemis velox
4595505244 88b8eb03a2 m
Lancet Clubtail 10
Phanogomphus exilis
Ashy Clubtail 1
Phanogomphus lividus
Mustached Clubtail 17
Hylogomphus adelphus
Sable Clubtail 13
Stenogomphurus rogersi
56059 260 190
Appalachian Snaketail 20
Ophiogomphus incurvatus
Maine Snaketail 21
Ophiogomphus mainensis
Unicorn Clubtail 22
Arigomphus villosipes
5887055399 3220f73334 m
Black-shouldered Spinyleg 10
Dromogomphus spinosus
Dragonhunter 1
Hagenius brevistylus
Northern Pygmy Clubtail 1
Lanthus parvulus
7239191284 e682bcb314 m
Southern Pygmy Clubtail 23
Lanthus vernalis
Common Sanddragon 14
Progomphus obscurus
Eastern Least Clubtail 21
Stylogomphus albistylus
Zebra Clubtail 1
Stylurus scudderi
2682140495 b1ec8c01ba m
Comet Darner 24
Anax longipes
3955747751 2167024f90 m
Shadow Darner 11
Aeshna umbrosa
3545178290 e503054622 m
Springtime Darner 25
Basiaeschna janata
Ocellated Darner 26
Boyeria grafiana
3717023749 3b2b458a1b m
Fawn Darner 27
Boyeria vinosa
4572106443 304d417900 m
Swamp Darner 6
Epiaeschna heros
6054775928 b6dd5acb3b m
Brown Spiketail 28
Cordulegaster bilineata
Tiger Spiketail 29
Cordulegaster erronea
Twin-spotted Spiketail 21
Cordulegaster maculata
Arrowhead Spiketail 30
Cordulegaster obliqua
4690219790 dca93a34e8 m
Slender Baskettail 31
Epitheca costalis
6958340528 12b5ce5635 m
Common Baskettail 32
Epitheca cynosura
5582213964 f1a01de6e6 m
Prince Baskettail 33
Epitheca princeps
Uhler's Sundragon 14
Helocordulia uhleri
Stygian Shadowdragon 26
Neurocordulia yamaskanensis
Ski-tipped Emerald 21
Somatochlora elongata
6085350433 e4e916715e m
Mocha Emerald 31
Somatochlora linearis
Treetop Emerald 17
Somatochlora provocans
Clamp-tipped Emerald 1
Somatochlora tenebrosa
Williamson's Emerald 21
Somatochlora williamsoni
4747958128 7d34212316 m
Gray Petaltail 34
Tachopteryx thoreyi
Allegheny River Cruiser
Macromia alleghaniensis
Swift River Cruiser 1
Macromia illinoiensis
3557375576 6491b4e35b m
Stream Cruiser 35
Didymops transversa
1308760034 672c4f9878 m
Blue-fronted Dancer 36
Argia apicalis
3869243892 4149967fca m
Powdered Dancer 10
Argia moesta
Blue-tipped Dancer 13
Argia tibialis
Dusky Dancer 14
Argia translata
Violet Dancer 13
Argia fumipennis violacea
5798037529 eea5165f95 m
Azure Bluet 32
Enallagma aspersum
Double-striped Bluet 37
Enallagma basidens
Familiar Bluet 38
Enallagma civile
4642425437 3e27a4ca85 m
Turquoise Bluet 39
Enallagma divagans
3666811080 564cb26d22 m
Stream Bluet 36
Enallagma exsulans
Skimming Bluet 40
Enallagma geminatum
Orange Bluet 41
Enallagma signatum
6317838897 8c33c1bc56 m
Slender Bluet 10
Enallagma traviatum
Citrine Forktail 42
Ischnura hastata
4253479783 68b2eb33e5 m
Fragile Forktail 43
Ischnura posita
Eastern Forktail 1
Ischnura verticalis
4643042760 8611b068a5 m
Eastern Red Damsel 39
Amphiagrion saucium
Aurora Damsel 13
Chromagrion conditum
American Rubyspot 14
Hetaerina americana
6055059898 dea522b17b m
Superb Jewelwing 28
Calopteryx amata
Appalachian Jewelwing 29
Calopteryx angustipennis
Sparkling Jewelwing 29
Calopteryx dimidiata
9604438518 8ea2e006b2 m
Ebony Jewelwing 44
Calopteryx maculata
Great Spreadwing 13
Archilestes grandis
5798058943 9063d186fa m
Southern Spreadwing 32
Lestes australis
2910707092 7933458116 m
Spotted Spreadwing 12
Lestes congener
6069870788 12d4516627 m
Sweetflag Spreadwing 11
Lestes forcipatus
Slender Spreadwing 17
Lestes rectangularis
101305180 9519b3a929 m
Swamp Spreadwing 46
Lestes vigilax

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