Common Insects of order Orthoptera found on the Maine coast

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Fork-tailed Bush Katydid 1
Scudderia furcata
Seaside Grasshopper 2
Trimerotropis maritima
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Short-winged Meadow Katydid 3
Conocephalus brevipennis
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Drumming Katydid 4
Meconema thalassinum
Pine Tree Cricket 5
Oecanthus pini
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Fall Field Cricket 6
Gryllus pennsylvanicus
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Carolina Grasshopper 7
Dissosteira carolina
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Green-striped Grasshopper 8
Chortophaga viridifasciata
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Red-legged Grasshopper 9
Melanoplus femurrubrum
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Two-striped Grasshopper 11
Melanoplus bivittatus
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Snowy Tree Cricket 12
Oecanthus fultoni
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Striped Ground Cricket 13
Allonemobius fasciatus
Crackling Forest Grasshopper 2
Trimerotropis verruculata
Crackling Locust 14
Trimerotropis verruculata verruculata
Northern Bush Katydid 15
Scudderia septentrionalis
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Black-sided Pygmy Grasshopper 16
Tettigidea lateralis
Wingless Mountain Grasshopper 17
Booneacris glacialis
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Grizzly Spur-throat Grasshopper 18
Melanoplus punctulatus
Sword-bearing Conehead 19
Neoconocephalus ensiger
Sphagnum Ground Cricket
Neonemobius palustris
Two-spotted Tree Cricket 20
Neoxabea bipunctata
Pasture Locust 14
Orphulella speciosa
Bunch Grass Locust 21
Pseudopomala brachyptera
Northern Green-striped Grasshopper 10
Chortophaga viridifasciata viridifasciata
Marsh meadow grasshopper 22
Pseudochorthippus curtipennis
Roesel's Bush-cricket 23
Roeseliana roeselii

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