Garden Route Botanical Garden damselflies

List of damselflies found in GRBG to date

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Common Bluetail 1
Ischnura senegalensis
Swamp Bluet 2
Africallagma glaucum
white-masked whisp 3
Agriocnemis falcifera
Black-tailed Bluet 2
Azuragrion nigridorsum
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Common Citril 2
Ceriagrion glabrum
Forest Malachite 4
Chlorolestes tessellatus
White Malachite 5
Chlorolestes umbratus
Queen Malachite 6
Ecchlorolestes nylephtha
Smoky Spreadwing
Lestes virgatus
Palmiet Sprite 5
Pseudagrion furcigerum
Maasai Sprite 8
Pseudagrion massaicum

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