8570 thumb EwA Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of the Fells (US)

An EwA companion guide to the reptiles + amphibians regularly spotted at the Middlesex Fells Reservation (Massachusetts).
This species list grows as our community of Biobliss citizen scientists record observations.
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Eastern Painted Turtle 1
Chrysemys picta picta
American Toad 2
Anaxyrus americanus
Common Garter Snake 3
Thamnophis sirtalis
Spring Peeper 4
Pseudacris crucifer
Wood Frog 5
Lithobates sylvaticus
Eastern Red-backed Salamander 6
Plethodon cinereus
American Bullfrog 7
Lithobates catesbeianus
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Common Snapping Turtle 8
Chelydra serpentina
Marbled Salamander 9
Ambystoma opacum
Green Frog 10
Lithobates clamitans
Spotted Salamander 11
Ambystoma maculatum
Pickerel Frog 12
Lithobates palustris
Common Slider 13
Trachemys scripta
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Fowler's Toad 14
Anaxyrus fowleri
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Northern Watersnake 15
Nerodia sipedon

Edited by Claire O'Neill, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

Photo Credits

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