8571 thumb EwA Guide to the Endangered Species of the Fells (US)

An EwA companion guide to the endangered species — or species on the Massachusetts state watchlist — of the Middlesex Fells Reservation (Massachusetts).
If you encounter one of the species listed here, please contact us so to tell us where you found it, and so that we can start monitoring ...more ↓

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toothed tick-trefoil 1
Desmodium cuspidatum
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lion's foot 1
Nabalus serpentarius
river birch 2
Betula nigra
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Maple-leaved Goosefoot 3
Chenopodium simplex
Rose Coreopsis 5
Coreopsis rosea
Slender Knotweed 6
Polygonum tenue
violet bush clover 7
Lespedeza frutescens
Featherfoil 8
Hottonia inflata
Early Buttercup 9
Ranunculus fascicularis
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Allegheny Mountain Buttercup 1
Ranunculus allegheniensis
cursed crowfoot 10
Ranunculus sceleratus
ragged fringed orchid 11
Platanthera lacera
rock spikemoss 12
Selaginella rupestris
Lesser Purple Fringed Orchid 13
Platanthera psycodes
Golden-winged Warbler 14
Vermivora chrysoptera
Bog Turtle 15
Glyptemys muhlenbergii
Wood Thrush 16
Hylocichla mustelina
Marbled Salamander 17
Ambystoma opacum
green ash 18
Fraxinus pennsylvanica
eastern hemlock 19
Tsuga canadensis
black ash 20
Fraxinus nigra
American chestnut 21
Castanea dentata
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Double-crested Cormorant 22
Phalacrocorax auritus
white ash 23
Fraxinus americana

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