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Use this guide as a reference to insect species documented to occur within the City of Riverside. Riverside Citizen Science seeks to engage our community in observing and documenting Riverside's natural environment. Observers are welcome to contribute to a growing database of biodiversity records ...more ↓

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Western Tiger Swallowtail 1
Papilio rutulus
Painted Lady 2
Vanessa cardui
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Monarch Butterfly 3
Danaus plexippus
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Gulf Fritillary 4
Agraulis vanillae
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Giant Swallowtail 6
Papilio cresphontes
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Fiery Skipper 7
Hylephila phyleus
Gray Hairstreak
Strymon melinus
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Cardinal Meadowhawk 8
Sympetrum illotum
vagrant grasshopper 9
Schistocerca nitens
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Praying Mantis 10
Mantis religiosa
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Cabbage White 11
Pieris rapae
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Orange Sulphur 12
Colias eurytheme
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green June beetle 13
Cotinis nitida
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Tomato Hornworm 14
Manduca quinquemaculata
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Western Leaf-footed Bug 15
Leptoglossus clypealis
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Western Pygmy Blue 16
Brephidium exilis
47170 orig
Vivid Dancer 17
Argia vivida
Southern Dogface 18
Zerene cesonia
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Say's Stink Bug 19
Chlorochroa sayi
Lorquin's Admiral 20
Limenitis lorquini
Nevada Buck Moth
Hemileuca nevadensis
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Queen Butterfly 3
Danaus gilippus
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Anise Swallowtail 23
Papilio zelicaon
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Cloudless Sulphur 13
Phoebis sennae
93045 orig
Sleepy Orange 24
Eurema nicippe

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