March 30, 2017

Help with MN City Nature Challenge?

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to be hosting a local site for the national City Nature Challenge event this year! University of Minnesota Extension (and the MN Master Naturalist program) are betting on our strong community of naturalists to make a good showing!

I've tagged you in this journal post because I can see that you are an active iNat user in Minnesota. I'm hoping you can participate either by (1) making observations in the 7-county Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area between April 14-18, or (2) helping identify observations posted by others in this area. Oh, and (3) you can help spread the word, too!

The details: the City Nature Challenge runs all day Friday, 4/14 through Tuesday, 4/18. Any observations from all seven Twin Cities metro counties counts. They'll announce results on Saturday, 4/22, so try to get all your observations uploaded by then! Also, the more observations we can get identified down to species by then, the higher our species number will be.

Search iNat projects for one called "City Nature Challenge 2017: Minneapolis/St. Paul" and "join" the project for updates. There's also an event in the Duluth Superior area called "Twin Ports".

Help us show the rest of the nation what Minnesota's urban biodiversity is all about!

Please feel free to add others to this post by tagging their username in the comments. Let me know if you have any questions by replying to this post. Thank you!!!

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