We had hedgehogs in the garden last night. We've had them in the garden every night since I found the wildlife camera. It seems reasonable to assume they were around before then too, but that I hadn't noticed. The night, and their broken outline, makes effective camouflage. They currently don't venture out before deep twilight and finish their business around half-four in the morning, as the sun approaches the horizon.

However, I had a window open in the back bedroom of the house because of the heat and while I couldn't see a hedgehog, I knew it was there. I've been putting out dry food, similar to cat biscuits for the hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are noisy eaters. I have it on video, and they could probably earn decent money performing for ASMR videos. A search for "ASMR cereal eating" brings up a crazy number of videos.

While hedgehogs are eating the catfood, I'll try eating my own dog food. I've said that now is the time to start a nature diary.

COVID is and obvious reason, and journaling as a way of relaxing is another. In my case, I've just moved house. I plan to make some changes to the garden, and have started, but it would be a good idea to know what is in it, so I can see how my actions change the way wildlife uses it. In the past couple of years I've been using Seek more than iNaturalist, and I see my observations haven't turned up here. So while I like Seek, I think I should be using iNaturalist more on my phone.

I'm writing this in English as I'll link through to it as an example journal entry from the blog post. Later entries might be in Welsh, depending on how the mood takes me when I write. If you want to see me writing in English, then I'm blogging at Botany One, and I suppose I should have started with a plant here for the journal.

But right now a hedgehog is so much easier to identify. I don't even need to see it.

Posted by alunsalt alunsalt, May 22, 2020 08:38


Photos / Sounds


Common Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)




May 2020


Common hedgehog, caught on camera trap. The timestamp on the photos is incorrect by around 5 hours.


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