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For me there will always be a disconnect from the amount of observations I have on my harddrive (which is in the many 1000s) and how many I have actually done the desk work of narrowing down from the many to the best shot(s), and having those become an actual iNaturalist observation. I wish it were my paying job. I try to get out in nature often and when I see something out there that catches my eye, I most times am manually focusing, I like to take many shots if the opportunity is there; knowing most will be moved to a garbage folder.

I believe it is my responsibility to ensure I tap evenly from the years and months I have accumulated on my harddrive. I keep a simple spreadsheet of the number of observations I have posted by year and by month. If you are like me and use the Flickr website to upload your photos prior to uploading on iNaturalist, then assigning your Flickr photo to a Flick album like July, is an easy way to keep the tally. Currently my lowest observations are in May and my highest number of observations are in December (maybe because May is hotter than December here in South Florida?). Therefore, if I can purposely tap more from May, then a different month could become the new lowest and new attention would be directed to that one. This way I can evenly broaden my offerings and be a more conscientious contributor. So many things I love about this iNaturalist site, and one is, at every level of the taxonomic rank, there is a web page showing details and information about that living thing, and one of those details is a 12 month linear graph displaying the accumulative dates, reflected by months to easily see when this animal or plant is at its height of visibility. I like to think I am very good at seeing things when I go out; more so than the average person. Therefore, I might see things when they are not at their "peak" and from a contribution standpoint, this is good information to add.

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I too have folders full of photos I just haven't had the time to go through...and wish it was my paying job as well! I think this is my biggest frustration, and worry I won't always remember exactly where I was when I took the photo. But alas...must earn a paycheck....maybe when I retire?

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