Attracting Moths on Earth Day 2020 Morning

Today is Earth Day, the 50th anniversary. My first plan is underway at 2:45 am. I took a backyard Adirondack chair and faced it towards the window, which I am behind now, sitting at my desk. I have a big backyard. The chair is under a big, leafy tree. There are some bushes under the window, between me and the chair. I have a white towel and a white sheet draped over the chair. Sitting in the chair is a Coleman florescent bulb lantern. I recently did some research on the hobby of Moth trapping and learn that Moths are attracted to florescent light. Rather than going elaborate like I saw online of creating, or buying a trap, this quick little set up is starting to draw a few Moths in already. It seems they excitedly fly around and then settle down on the fabric. I just want to take some photos, I do not need to trap them. This three item set up will be put away sometime before sunrise, so again trapping is not necessary for my backyard. I turn off my desk light occasionally to peer out ten yards away with my binoculars to glimpse at what is buzzing around. I have a camera on a tripod, inside near the front door, that I will bring out a little later, or sooner if I see something big land. I did have the foresight to turn off the sprinklers last night. The temperature is comfortable and no humidity to speak of on this South Florida morning, and it is very still, no wind at all. Currently I have 62 species of research grade observations of Butterflies and Moths, so if I can add more to that count, then part one of this Earth Day is off to a good start. I took the day off from work, yes I am fortunate to be working during this pandemic, so the day off in of itself adds to the good start. I will add observation links of what I got, in the meantime cheers with a cup of coffee.

This link will be all the observations I have using florescent lantern as a tag:

Conclusion: After more than an hour, I took my tripod and camera out to the lantern. What I did not realize, was Moths and flying Insects do not stay with the light for a long period of time. It seems they become attracted to the light, visit it, maybe stay for a short moment, but then leave to continue their nocturnal travels. I photographed what visited for about an hour. The wind picked up a little and it seemed the temperature dropped some. Since my house is white and there is a hook between the back windows, I tried there for a little while as well.

Posted by arthur-windsor arthur-windsor, April 22, 2020 07:39


Looking forward to seeing your photographs!

Posted by alice_herden about 2 years ago (Flag)

Nice event Arthur :)
A little chilly here (30s this morn) for moths but I can enjoy your finds!

Posted by carolr about 2 years ago (Flag)

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