My Pursuit of Rare Animals

I Found Something That Serves My Purposes

As a resident of Florida, and wanting to find rare animals, I went into “Places” on iNat and plugged in Florida, from there I clicked “View Check List Page”, to the right under “Stats” is “Observed”. By clicking on “No”, for “Observed”, then the blue “Filter” button, one would think the search would present Taxa that could been seen in Florida, but at present time there are zero observations, but instead it presents Taxa with only one research grade observation. For my purposes, I will consider these rare and try to hone in on some.

One other area I found that serves my purposes well, is back on the “Stats” page, is “Threatened”, if one were to check off “Threatened” along with “Any” for “Observed”, you of course are presented with everything with a threatened status, which if I do not have by now, these too would qualify for my list of rare Taxa for me to target.

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