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January 15, 2017

Quest for a Banded newt

If you do follow/have seen my observations recently, you can very clearly tell I am trying to start off my 2017 bioblitz on a bang, and find the Southern banded newt, Ommatotriton vittatus, a species believed to be extirpated from Jordan. I have been going to the King talal dam and Ajloun to attempt to find one, but have turned up nothing but a few other amazing species on the bioblitz. Even though I will go back to said localities during spring and summer, it is unlikely I will find a newt at those temperatures. We may go back to the dam tomorrow (And possibly Dibeen forest reserve) and try one last time to find one, but I would still like some pointers of what, when and where to look for said newts, even though I already know a vast majority of their behavior. Thanks for reading, and I'll just leave the photos of each time I went here, so you can see the variety of wildlife there:

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