May 12, 2012

CA Naturalist Class Field Trip

12 May 2012 Point Lobos & Garland Ranch Park
Point Lobos: Class met at 1000 hours at Weston Beach. Ed Clifton was the walk leader. He split the group into 5 groups, each with a photo of a particular trace fossil the group had to find and try to answer questions about. My group had the "Hillichnus" fossil. We found numberous examples of the fossil and speculated about its origin. Many people believe it was formed by a small molusk of some kind (now extinct) that had two siphons that made the tracks as it moved through the much. Ed believes it the fossil was created by an ancient sea cucumber. The groups met at the end to discuss their findings.

Species: Malard Ducks, male & Femal; Great Egret.

Garland Ranch Park. We me at the Park entrance at 1215 hours. Spent about 20 minutes at a "sit spot" just observing the hillside. Talked about observing nature. Did an experiment to measure the velocity of the Carmel River at the Bridge crossing.

Species: Cottonwood Trees; CA Poppies; Sky Lupine; Mustard Grass

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May 10, 2012

Point Lobos School Walk 05 May 2012

05 May 2012
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
1030 Hrs.
Weather = Overcast, mild breeze, cool (about 60*)

I lead a school walk with 9 children from Natomas elementary school in Sacramento. Three adults accompanied them.

The walk started at Piney Woods Picnic area. We walked through the Coastal Shrub habitate out to Sea Lion Point and saw both a Harbor Seal and a Sea Otter lying on a rock in Sand Hill Cove. Further along the way to the point we saw a number of Brandt's Cormorrants nesting in the cliffs. The wildflowers were in bloom; Wild Lilac (Ceanothus), Sticky Monkey Flower, Seaside Painted Cup, Yellow Bush Lupine, Rattlesnake Grass, Poison Oak in bloom, Coyote Brush, Wild Sage, and Wood Mint. At the point we saw Sea Lions on the rocks off-shore. From there we walked up the trail to the Cypress Grove, noting the Monterey Cypress and Monterey Pine forest habitat. We took note of the Lace Lichen in the trees as well as the Trentapolia (orange colored algae) in the far areas of the Pinnicles.

Total distance about 2.5 miles.

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May 05, 2012

5 May 2012 Dorance Ranch - BSLT Event

Weather = Bright sunny day; no clouds; cool (about 60* F. Arrived 0800. Big Sur Land Trust member breakfast event was held near the top of Toro Peak (about 2,800 ft. above sea level.

The ranch owned by the Dorrance Family and is set among beautiful rolling hills and swails; it is used for grazing beef cattle (about 4,300 acres). The hills were lush with grasses spotted with spring flowers. Groves of California Live Oaks dot the property. Many balls of misteltoe among in the Oaks.

Sky Lupine, Red Maids, Blue-eyed Grass and California Poppies were sprinkled among the grasses in the pasture area. Two Red-Tailed Hawks circled high in the air, and several Violet-green Swallows flew from Oak to Oak. We also saw California Quail and Mourning Doves along the road to the barn where the event was held, just below Toro Peak.

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