October 02, 2019

Beginning the process of uploading 2019 (non-wildflower) photos

I spent so much time posting (and trying to identify) images of Sierra Nevada wildflowers this year that I neglected posting photos of anything else. So, it's my goal to upload before the end of the year photos of birds and other creatures from 2019. I don't plan on uploading more than a few each day, so it shouldn't be too annoying :)

Once I'm finished updating my 2019 backlog I'll start to work on previous years' photos, possibly dating back to 2005. That said, it wasn't until 2012 that I started to photo document flora/fauna in earnest. I imagine this whole process will take me awhile, but I've grown fond of iNat and the service/science it provides. Therefore, it's my intention to contribute (data/observations) more than what I have been.

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September 30, 2019

Sand Harbor (Lake Tahoe) Wildflowers

Technically, I was on a stretch of the new hiking/biking boardwalk (directly north of Sand Harbor) that was constructed in 2019 along the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Precipitation hit Lake Tahoe late afternoon on September 28, and then the temperature dropped to about 28 degrees overnight. By the morning of September 29 snow had accumulated approximately 1 inch at lake level.

There were multiple specimens of Indian Blanket in various states of bloom and decline along this stretch of boardwalk. It's possible some of the specimens were actually Great Blanketflower.. However, I don't know how to differentiate between the two species at this point. I've seen images of the backs of both flowers where it shows the petals of Indian Blanket are red/crimson while the examples of Great Blanketflowers are yellow. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from this angle.

I've never seen Tumbleweed in it's live state, and was surprised at just how sharp and numerous its barbs are. I definitely wouldn't want to stumble into that while out hiking!

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September 15, 2019

Winnemucca Lake (Carson Pass) Wildflowers

Although I already ID'd most of this date's plant species (earlier in 2019), I wanted to record them here on iNaturalist since it's so late in the season to still be seeing some of these in bloom. For most of these, I followed a small stream up the base of Round Top from Winnemucca Lake (taking care only to walk on rocks, of course!). It was as if time had stood still along the small snowmelt stream. Some of the IDs were just along the Winnemucca Trail (from Carson Pass).

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