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October 23, 2017

New Brunswick 2017

Phase 1 - Deploy settlement plates at 13 sites throughout southwest New Brunswick. Opportunistically chat with marine resource users (e.g., fishermen) and recreational boaters. Order and prepare material for tunicate taxonomy (Phase 4).

Phase 2 - Survey eelgrass beds in St. Andrews and Shediac as part of large-scale latitudinal project led by M. Carman.

Phase 3 - Take temperature and salinity measurements throughout the region. Determine invasive tunicate abundance on floating docks semi-quantitatively. Examine boat hulls opportunistically. Collect fouling species (primarily algae and invertebrates) from floating docks and beaches for the bioblitz. Collect tunicate specimens from floating docks as voucher samples.

Phase 4 - Identify tunicate specimens (collected from Passamaquoody Bay and Brier Island) to species at the Atlantic Reference Centre via dissections. Give a guest lecture at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre and a tunicate identification workshop at the Atlantic Reference Centre.

Phase 5 - Retrieve settlement plates from 13 sites throughout southwest New Brunwick. Determine recruitment densities on plates of target species (primarily invasive tunicates).

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