August 17, 2018

Reality check

I'm in the mood to tidy up today. After receiving an input on one of my older posts, I decided to look at observations that are still "needs ID" with a suggested ID at species level. Perhaps my ID was incorrect.

Where my ID was perhaps "speculative", I've moved these up in taxon rank (or is it down? not sure). I also added a label "17-08-2018 reviewing older observations that need ID and may be incorrect at species level."

Some that I reviewed actually still look reasonable, so I left these as they were. Perhaps they will be verified in the future.

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April 04, 2018

Looking at ID's

I've been looking over many sightings in recent days and recall the huge support received from the Ispot and Inat experts. I am grateful for the support received, your input makes this a much more rewarding subject.

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