March 21, 2018

I Naturalist - A New Adventure

Well, I have been a member of iNaturalist for two days now and slowly getting the hang of it. After a few embarrassing gaffs posting old bird observation, I am really beginning to enjoy how all this works. I have been wanting to spend time learning insects, especially butterflies and moths, and more about reptiles and amphibians. This is a great tool for accomplishing that. I find it really helpful when attempting to identify others observations. It challenges me, and make me grab the closest field guide to learn more myself. And then there are the international observations, which are an even bigger challenge.
That's all I have for my first journal posting. I am not sure I have time to add this to my daily/weekly to-do list, we will see.

I spend most of my efforts managing my eBird account, birding, and travel websites.

Thanks for reading my journal entry.


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