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1 pair of wings. Eyes in front.

Guide from @edanko:

Calyptrate flies
"genus Musca has wing vein M bent near the tip of the wing to meet vein R4+5 (or nearly meet it) at the very edge of the wing (I'll have to let you look up those wing veins in a field guide or on the web, sorry). Your fly seems to have vein M run parallel to R4+5 without bending near the tip, which is actually true of most muscoid flies, but not genus Musca... :) Yours is more like this one:"

Musca House fly

-- 2 stripes on back

Sarchophagine Flesh fly

-- "scutum black with 4 grey stripes. abdomen "black and grey patterning"

Calliphordinae Blow fly

-- eats honey dew / nectar, bristles on sides of thorax, often metallic blue or green blue blowfly (can be useful pollinator) Genus Calliphora green bottlefly Genus Lucilia

Family: Tachinid
Tribe: Tachinine, Genus: Epalpus

    "The light yellowish grayish head, thorax, and dark abdomen with a whitish spot at the end. This should also be distinct for Epalpus signifer species in the east. I don't know the western species." - aispinsects
  • - white spot on bottom clear here

    Family Bombyliidae

    Bee flies (fly with proboscis, lots of fur)

  • Bombylius major

    Family Syrphidae (Flower Flies or Hover Flies)

    See post:
    Open questions:
    How closely related are bee flies and drone flies?
    why mimic bees? "there is one thing flies cannot do that bees can – sting!"

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    Photos / Sounds


    Drone Flies & Kin Subfamily Eristalinae




    April 1, 2020 01:46 PM PDT

    Photos / Sounds


    House Flies and Allies Family Muscidae




    April 6, 2020 11:17 AM PDT


    bigger than 1/2 "
    on oregon grape blooms

    also smaller flies, like gnats, around. make a 2nd observation



    The following phylogeny is well-supported by multiple lines of evidence: mosquitoes | [bee flies | (drone flies | house flies)]
    Yeah, mimicking bees (or hornets and other wasps) apparently avoids being a target for predators like birds.
    Happy to help with other questions.

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